Local Legend: KCRW’s Gary Calamar’s Own EP “You Are What You Listen To”


Music supervisor, KCRW DJ and general music guru, Gary Calamar, may say it best with the title of his EP “You Are What You Listen To.”  Embracing his penchant for good guitar riffs and quality hooks that blend classic rock ethos, witty energy, and pop sensibility, Calamar delivers some tunes that work for your home or the highway.    Put on “I Got An Idea” (below) and listen to this Los Angeles legend from there.   While you most likely won’t hear Gary spinning his own music on the radio, listeners can catch Mr. Calamar spinning top notch blends of pop, past and present, from 6-8 pm every Sunday on KCRW 89.9.   You can stream his latest show here.


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