Yelle Loud on Halloween at Fonda Theatre



Want to make noise on Halloween, but you don’t want to ‘boo?  Well, maybe you should Yelle…at Fonda Theatre.

The French band spearheaded by Julie Budet (Yelle) and Jean-Francois Perrier (GrandMarnier) garnered initial fame almost a decade ago with their song “Je Veux Te Voir,” which charted to the top five in France.   With a brand new record,  Completement fou, produced by Dr. Luke and released on his label Kemosabe in September 2014, Yelle is back on the road to deliver danceable synth-pop to the international masses.   Head out to Fonda Theatre to catch the new tunes and favorites from their two prior albums (Pop Up (2007) and Safari Disco Club (2011)).   Get tickets here or enter our contest to win a little Halloween fiesta by tweeting out @goldenvoice @fondatheatre @SUPERGOODMUSIC @yelletweets or emailing   Deadline for entry is midnight on Thursday October 30, 2014.

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