Y Luv at Silverlake Lounge (By Converse Rockstar)

Last night probably constitutes one of the strangest shows I have ever been to. Of course, that was mostly because of the crowd rather than the band.

When I arrived at the venue just before the first opening band started, there must have been no more than five people there. Then, when Metal Mother played, the crowd swelled a little bigger (about 30 people). And that’s when the strangest thing happened – just before Y Luv took the stage, most of the crowd left.

Even if that crowd couldn’t appreciate good music, I’m glad I was there to enjoy the show.

The set was short, but sweet. After all, Y Luv only has one EP out. But even with the small crowd, they certainly had fun playing and they did it with as much energy as if they were playing in front of a packed venue. And don’t let the fact that the crowd was small deter you from listening to Y Luv’s music or seeing them live.

While they seemed to have some problems with the keyboards, they took on a show-must-go-on attitude and powered through the set, enjoying every minute that they were on stage. Lead singer Freddy Janney has a unique, raspy voice that gave the otherwise smooth music an interesting edge. While Y Luv still has a little ways to go before they become the seasoned live performers that I know they are capable of becoming, they have more skill and potential than a lot of world-famous bands I have seen in the past.

The set ended with “Never Touch The Ground,” my favorite song from Y Luv. It’s a beautiful and infectious and it was a perfect ending to the set. You can listen to the song below:

Never Touch The Ground by Y LUV

Make sure to buy Y Luv’s EP, How Chill Can You Let Go, and check out their music and more info about them at their site.

Review by Chantelle

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