Will.i.am Listening Party

Went to a listening party for Will.I.Am’s new record last night. Ben took me and Dylan and it was spectacular.

The room was Interscope’s cool little private club just off Colorado and the tunes were being supplied by Apple and Will.I.Am himself. The booze was free. The women were beautiful (definitely some video groupies in the crowd). The vibe was cool.

Even cooler was dancing next to Polo Da Don, sitting next to Timbaland and meeting DJ Bombshell Baller. Meeting Bombshell Baller was probably the coolest part of the night – www.bombshellballer.com . She was friendly, funny, attractive and apparently she is a talented DJ (her website links to her myspace page where she has some of her tunes).

As for the listening part of the event, I really dug a few of the tracks – especially the one that kept saying “Mazel Tov” and something about tonight lasting forever. I told Ben that should be the next single – that it has a lot of crossover appeal. Maybe they will brand that song somehow…There was at least one other song beside the current single that I thought had single potential written all over it, but I can’t remember any of the lyrics.

The long and short of this event is that it was really cool, I had fun, and I hope I get invited to more of them.