What The Funk?!? Budos Band Rages LA on Thursday

It’s true.  Some of the funkiest cats out of Brooklyn are cruising thru the left coast on their way to a new familiar home, Las Vegas’ Brooklyn Bowl to start August.  Flowing through Los Angeles’ dark epicenter of rage-fests, aka The Echoplex – these funk lords are slated to lay down some filthy, make you drip-sweat, brassy Daptones styled jams.   We promise it will not disappoint.

Whether you know them by name or not – you probably know them by sound as you may have heard their music in commercials for NFL Network in 2013 or 1800 Tequila, or caught it on Entourage.   Go party with these soul assassins on Thursday July 31st courtesy of The Echo family by entering our SUPERGOOD contest for tickets with a tweet that includes @TheEchoLA @SUPERGOODMUSIC @BudosBand, e-mailing contest@supergoodmusic.com or commenting on this post.  You can also buy tickets directly here.

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