Weekend Review

So, for those of you who missed Saint Motel – they absolutely wrecked it at their black and white show. The crowd looked extremely fashionable and thematically appropriate, the Roxy sounded great…but how do you run out of milk for white russians at a Black and White Themed Event? I think in a post Lebowski world – that is an egregious error. Roxy, I love you – but you should’ve anticipated that everyone likes to drink like The Dude, especially when it is cheaper to do so.

Anyhow, I heard that Nic Hardcourt was in the audience and saying some pretty damn good things about Saint Motel. A & R MySpace Records staple Lindsey Cook had rave reviews for the band too. The entire crowd seemed to be pleased – and it was quite a respectable turnout for these emerging local artists. So, get on top of them before the rest of the world does and see them while they are still playing intimate venues in which you can talk to the amazing band members after the show.
Over the weekend you also could’ve heard Widespread Panic – in their serious 3 night run at the Orpheum. Although I never made it to any of the shows – rumor from Spreadheads was that the shows were pretty sick, especially Saturday night.
Tonight – SUPERGOOD recommendations include Band of Horses and Warpaint at Club Nokia’s 1 Year Anniversary and Imogen Heap at Henry Fonda. Tickets are still available for both events! Alternatively, check out the free Happy Hollows show at Spaceland.