Wednesday is For Beats – Blockhead @ King King Club/Eprom @ Low End Theory

Need to put some New Years bounce into your step a couple days early? Look no further than Blockhead and Govinda at King King Club tonight or the final 2011 installment of Low End Theory.
The former is hosted by Codega – a promotion company that previously existed in the world of pay to play events and putting relative L.A. no names….but Blockhead at King King Club? This is new territory for them. Thankfully they recruited an awesome chef from the beat kitchen in Blockhead. For the unfamiliar, Blockhead is a hip-hop producer based out of NYC, whose most famous accolades come from Ninja Tune releases and work with Def Jux artists, including Aesop Rock. He hasn’t put out a record since 2009′s “The Music Scene” which featured this title track:
The music video for “The Music Scene” is like a Dr. Seuss book turned into an acid trip – which may be a fitting description of the sonic landscape you can expect Blockhead to cook up tonight. Govinda supports, as well as Geno Cochino and DJ Audioptic.
If you want grimier, more electronicized beats – than head to the last Low End Theory of 2011. Eprom, Mux Mool, Jonwayne and residents Gaslamp Killer, Daddy Kev, Nocando D-Styles and Nobody make sure Wednesday doesn’t feel like the middle week. FYI – its the Eprom that created “Humanoid,” not the European hip-hop scratch DJ. Here’s a taste….

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