Vince Gill is a bad ass.

So, yeah, I admittedly watched the Grammy’s a day late. BUT, I was skiing.

Anyhow, I thought the performances ranged from half decent to absolutely bad ass. But, most bad ass of all had to be Vince Gill snagging his award and asking Kanye if he’d ever accepted one from a Beatle?

Kanye’s performance was easily the best. Despite the fact that I think his egotistical awards speeches make him look immature, impatient and douche-baggy, he absolutely stole the show on Sunday. “Stronger” was dope. I really dig the illuminated outfit and the illuminated specs. Kanye could use some work on his robot, but I’ll cut him some slack cause he was rhyming too. The lights and Daft Punk pyramid looked kick ass, and once Daft Punk was pushing buttons….I was straight bananas. I liked how the cameras gave an aerial view of the Daft Punk guys. Kanye’s orchestral/accapella version of “Mama” was obviously heart felt. He seemed a bit shaken at the beginning, but I thought he pulled it together.

Beyonce and Tina were cute together, especially when they did Rollin’ On A River. Doesn’t Tina Turner look kind of funny when she cocks her head to the side? I swear Beyonce was lip synching when she did that history of females in music though.

I liked that The Time did their Jungle Love dance, and that Rihanna joined in at the end too. But, what the fuck was Rihanna wearing? She reminded me of Bjork, in a bad way. Nonetheless, Rihanna can wail. Any hating I may have done on Rihanna in the past, I take it back. She was adorable when she won her Grammy. I thought it was comical (but also a little egotistical and douche-baggy) when Jay-Z repackaged what Rihanna was trying to say.

Alicia Keys also was straight gangsta. I really liked the interposed video of Frank Sinatra over her piano on the opening number. Her version of “No One” was better though. The orchestral add on was a nice touch, and Alicia was looking dope in that black outfit. When she walked out singing and then started playing keyboard one handed – she owned it. John Mayer was an interesting touch…but I didn’t think the guitar sounded that great.

Foo Fighters were great, but Grohl was trying to hard to get the crowd fired up. The Beatles number was nice to watch, although “Love” is 20 times better in person. I was actually a little disappointed with Cirque De Soleil’s adaptation for the Grammys. The gospel number though was stunning. The lead female could fucking wail. Her eyes were crazy buggy though – she looked a little like those dolls you squeeze where the eyes pop out.

I didn’t listen to the country cuts.

What was that Black Eyed Peas weird mash-up performance at the end? I really didn’t get it. It just seemed like a generically bad Black Eyed Peas rap…I write better rhymes than that in my sleep.

What the hell was Chris Brown talking about when he referenced DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince? I guess anything you say when you are wearing a white and red suit sounds ludicrous.

Herbie Hancock appeared genuinely surprised at winning his award. I liked that. I’ll have to check out that album…

Congratulations to all the victors. Oh yeah, and Vince Gill is a bad ass.