Videos of Dancing

Dancing brings an indescribable joy to many people, me included. It also brings the opportunity for extreme embarrassment for some, and consequently, extreme comedy for others.

I’m sure there are many many videos that could be included in this post ( I invite anyone to post hilarious dance videos ones in the comments section). But, there are 2 videos I discovered today that I think need to be shared.

Scott provided me with the link to one of them, which had me laughing out loud for at least a minute –

This ping pong celebration is shorter, but equally hilarious. Since it is an adult it only makes it better. His little hand moves are priceless.

These videos make me laugh every time I watch…The plethora of easily portable media devices, including cellphones that record video, should mean that people’s ridiculous dancing should only begin to be documented more often. I can only hope I discover it in person, or if not, on YouTube or somewhere else.