Video Review: Dan Black – "Symphonies"

In our picture-painted world we can’t help but try to escape the attack of this film, that book, this new product, and that beautiful man way over there that I’ll never get to meet.

My resolution to the problem???


In everything I do.

In everything I see.

In all that I touch.

In all that I am and hope to be.

Dan Black fucking goes for it in his music video for “Symphonies.”

Combining the simple romanticism of old French black and white cinema with electro-goodness that’s so bright you can practically lick the screen, to Donnie Darko-like references, to the mother of them all, Godzilla (!!!), how can you NOT be satisfied?!

“Gimme, gimme, symphonies/
Gimme more than the life I see/
Score adds up/
Angels play/
Let my loneliness get blown away/”

PS: Anyone who promotes themselves with a sketch of their bodies attached to a handgun head is so very much A-OK in my book. Check it out here and give Mister Black some sweet, sweet fan love: