Up and Comers from the last few days…

Thought I should update the blog and leave quick comments about some of the rising talent I’ve seen in the last few days:

The French Semester – they were exceptional Friday night at Echo. Playing to a room of about 100 people, new and old fans alike – they really helped ignite the crowds energy. The band reeled through choice tracks off of GOOD FRIENDS ONLY I COULD SEE, before unleashing a handsome serving of yet to be recorded material, including “Large Bouquet” and their cover of “Sugar Sugar,” which had the crowd dancing, clapping and singing along.

Hockey – a group from Portland, OR really puts on a top notch performance. The lead vocalist is flamboyant and animated on stage, dresses the part of a rockstar and has a voice to back it up. When he is not addressing the crowd and wailing on the mic, he is back by the drum kit beating it with a mallet. The rest of the band compliments him very well – both in appearance and in sound. The upbeat rhythms, pleasing vocal melodies and stimulating stage appeal all combined for a great show.
Kat Danson – she could be the next “it” girl – she has it all going on – the look, the voice, the moxie, the pedigree (Ted Danson’s daughter), the production value, etc. I only caught her briefly at Hunnypot Unlimited last night, but I am excited to see what else she might have in store for the future. Check out her tunes here; “Sugar Free” is already a top 25 dance hit.
Kat Danson @ iTunes