The Love Goat is not that spectacular of a place.  If you hit SXSW and turn to Guadalupe, you will find various hole in the wall establishments, including a venue called Hole in the Wall where the famous Seymour Stein was rumored to have been scouting bands this past SXSW.  If you walked down a bit further in the pouring rain, you’d see that OY VEY! SXSW was in its 4th year; alive, breathing and vibrant.

A bridge of cultural unity, OY VEY general and organizer, Kosha Dillz brings acts from all over the globe, including Tunacola - an all star outfit from Chile who brought the dance party to the upstairs.  Downstairs included acts like NYC rap scenes Aaron Cohen and Alvie da Skywalker plus newcomer Ted Park.  If you wanted live bands, Matty Carter and Ariel exposed a mask to cover a face, Asap Rocky’s touring band BLACK NOYZE played their first solo SXSW performance ever, YNGCULT meshed a bit of that sound with R n B dance and female vocals, and three Jewish girls from Brooklyn in ADVAETA played Noise Rock before Oakland’s Z Man ripped up the stage with DJ TRUE JUSTICE (who literally spun there for 14 hrs).

Along the way I indulged in delicious tacos from the Love Goat and was able to see some bands and give them reviews.  Cheers to Solid Coffee, who helped cool down the city with caffeine and first informed me of the event, and to Wet Ink Printing, who uplifted the vibrant street hustle of Kosha Dillz. and the entire OY VEY SXSW event series.   The flyer got into the hands of just about everyone from Newsweek to your local ATX thrift shop.  The Kosha Dillz OY VEY flyers and posters may have been the most prolific marketing material of 2015′s SXSW.   The OY VEY DIY movement went far beyond the artist, so collaborations with great printers should be noted, for without Wet Ink, it’d simply have been a show promoted with tons of tweeting and I probably would not have known about it.

As for the acts….

TunaCola is a Chilean party outfit that brings the funk to the rainforest, or maybe the South America to the roof top rain party. After seeing them live under such an array of awesome, this band is something that will be booked for Lollapalooza and Coachella in the future. I can just smell it, if that is possible.

BLKKATHY – Two college roommates jam out to a dozen people under a rain tarp but connect with crowds and bartenders. FADER likes them and luckily that are also cool in real life. Think empowered feminist R n B slow dance conquering real life Tinder dates at indie shows.

YNGCULT – A soon to be breakout band of LA was part of two OY VEY! ATX events, and the rain didn’t stop their last one. After passing out Hundreds their own branded Solid Coffee cold brews and having an entire house packed on wednesday at Javelina Bar, you might think that the Love Goat couldn’t deliver the R N B electric love they were receiving. Actually, you would notice that playing under a tarp during torrential down powers is most likely not good for high end equipment, but the cult life lived through it and finished strong in a stripped down set. Believe it or not, these kinds of shows are the ones that make or break bands, for the story that comes with the show is the story that lives on for years to come, and is passed down to future children. “This one time…at the Love Goat.. in this rainstorm…”

ADVAETA – “HI, were ADVAETA and we’re all Jewish” Maybe it was the Shabbat Dinner upstairs that inspired these Brooklyn Gals to represent but be sure to check them as they are all quite the pretty ones but that they rock better than most guys we have seen. I felt as if they were a gang of Colleen Greens (or a trio) this would be them.

Aaron Cohen- After walking over a mile in a mudslide rain storm to get to the Love goat, he ran through crowd favorites such as Stanley Kubrick and brought up fellow ICK member Britney Flapjak for a jam. She is like the ratchet version of Aaron cohen in a black woman. The juxtaposition works well.

Matty Carter and Ariel – Hold up. There is a guy with lots of tattoos and a girl as well but they don’t fit the common mold of this Austin Bar. She wears a mask to cover her face, and the topics cover drugs and darker things, but it has a smooth voice and it is nice to see a raw vibe from a duo. Can’t really go wrong with a girl banging on the drums that crazy during alive show. They don’t reveal too much emotion, although Matty Carter does crack a couple jokes. You just want the girl to take the mask off but

Black Noyze – they are up after Matty Carter and Ariel, and the vibe mixes a lil bit of De Angelo and R Kelly with ASAP Rocky outfit and ATLiens. The backing band of ASAP is playing the lil Love Goat and they couldn’t be more excited at the first show? YEs it was their first show as their own music, although they toured with Rhianna and back the sounds of the Far East Movement, ASAP Ferg, ASAP Rocky. Yep. TO see them bring the enrgy for 20,000 in front of 40 people is something else.

DJ TRUE JUSTICE and Z MAN – The classic hip hop is here and the bay is in the area. This guy is a true crowd rocker and can turn any place into a party. Its no question why he has been in the game for over 15 years.

Meghann Wright – Check out the latest gal on Vans Warped Tour who will join Kosha Dillz for 41 dates this summer. Sure she “left her heart in brooklyn” but she was kind enough to bring some friends in.

Baby Baby: Another outfit for Vans Warped Tour played for a total of 7 people, but caught infinite support from the bartender and fellow players. I must love the fact that they did sing a style of serenading love to the fans, and they have good down south atlanta vibes to accompany a stellar live show that works in intimate settings.

Sure the wide variety of this is a little too much. Where will these acts end up playing in the future? Unsure. The vibes ultimately are too far away, but next year if OY VEY in the day happens down by 6th street, we can expect even more shenanigans. This party brought together good collabs, crappy rain, and a few good tacos. But hey isn’t this what SXSW is all about? To say we saw them in the place by that thing over there at that bar, that one time?

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