Under the Radar, But Soooo Good – Eric McFadden

L.A. is not a town known that is necessarily known for its deep appreciation of jazz, funk, bluegrass, jam-rock music and all the eclectic blends in between.  That said – there are a few enclaves that do embrace those sounds and from time to time pull in some exceptional talents whose compositions span all of the above.  One of those venues, The Mint, recruited one of those artists, Eric McFadden, and an all-star support cast, including Wally Ingram and The Meters Leo Nocentelli, to melt some faces this Friday June 22, 2012.

You can get some free tickets to see the 6-string master by reaching out to contest@supergoodmusic.com or mentioning @supergoodmusic @mintLA and @EMACSF in a tweet.

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