“Tupac Gone Fishin’” – Kosha Dillz

The king of self-deprecation and odd situations, Kosha Dillz, is back with a new record (“Awkward in a Good Way”) and new video to celebrate the release.  “Tupac Gone Fishin’” is the third track slipped to the public off of the release – after lead single “Hangin’ Out” and hip-hop blog banger “Where My Homies Be?” featuring Gangsta Boo and Murs dropped a few weeks ago.

With lines like “I’m an A+ at being a failure,” its apparent that Rami Even-Esh is embracing his spot as not the best rapper to ever tackle the airwaves.  The dude has bars – they are just bars from a post 30 Jewish rapper severely lacking in melanin – and he has finally learned they are best served with a sense of humor and acceptance of reality.   Tackling interesting subject matter has never been a problem for the well-travelled Dillz-ionaire – and he sounds quite comfortable paying homage to the poster child for Thug Life doing something about as white as golf — fishing.    Very funny Kosha.

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