Tuesday’s Outing

So, this post is two days late and a buck short (considering I’ve already posted about Atmosphere in the interim)…but I thought I should report to the community about the Marvelous Toy and Correa show I saw on Tuesday night.

Marvelous Toy, comprised of the Hudock (Cody and Jordan) brothers, Raymond on bass and two characters I have yet to meet on xylophone and drums respectively, is forging a new path. What was once more of a melodic, shoegaze type band is now a indie-power-pop force – led by Jordan Hudock, who reminds me of a mid 1980s Billy Joel hopped up on cocaine. They closed out their set with 2 non-EP songs, “Write This Over” and “Red Alert”, both packed full of 264 keys of poppy synth jams. Although the crowd wasn’t dancing up a storm – they were certainly clamoring for more.
Taking the stage shortly after MT was Correa – performing as part of their 7″ release event. Their lead singer has a beautiful voice and the bassist from Marvelous Toy was playing guitar in the band. They paraded a handful of friends and guests stars on the stage through out the night, but at the end of the day, the headmaster of Correa stole the show with her sweet voice and smooth guitar as usual. Although nowhere near as power-pop or danceable as Marvelous Toy, I enjoyed their set too.