Treasure Fingers is Precious @ The Roxy

Okay, so I’m a day late on posting about my Scion Playlist Party experience….but it is worthy of writing about so here goes…

A free party.  Like most other “free events”, there was a line to get into this one.  While I’m often frustrated at the lines to get into venues, there was some good people watching and I was prepared due to the events free-ness.  Protected by my house list guest position in the event that Scion had too many people RSVP, I proceeded with my boy Justin without any fear of not getting in.  [ BTW - thank you Roxy - you are quickly moving up my list as one of my favorite venues in town ;)  ]
I may be young, but at these 18+ events I feel like the oldest person in the room.  The landscape looked like it was fucking freshmen orientation; there were people in there who may still have curfews.  One underage guy and his encroaching on my space boogie ended up elbowing my full Stella right out of my hands and douched me all over my shirt, jacket and pants.  When I asked him to replace my beer, not only did he have to inform me that he can’t purchase beer…but he had the audacity to give me $1.  He offered me $1.  That is more insulting than acting like you didn’t do something wrong…until I found out that he only had $1.  Then he seemed like an awfully generous guy…but then again, what are you going to buy for $1 at a concert?  
Turns out he was nice, but nonetheless still a douchebag biff agent for elbowing my beer onto my shirt.  He is an DJ crew/group called Rebel  ) – which, he claims is a reference to David Bowie.  At the very least, that is a supergood name.   
All that beer spill fiasco happened while Los Villains was playing.  They were decent, but I think the hype is over.  They are doing what everyone else is doing.  Same basslines, drum beats, breaks and effects that two dozen other DJs use and nothing really grabbed me.  They were also selling their DJ mix CD for $20.  Are you serious?  For those of us who still buy CDs – a $20 CD better have some great artwork, exclusives and nice presentation.  Theirs came in a little white envelope slip with a sticker on it for the tracks — for $20?  Make your set better, charge $10 and I might consider it.
The next act, on the other hand, was a true diamond in the rough – Treasure Fingers.  His mixes were provocative, kept you on the edge of your feet and even took unexpected turns for the better.  He knows how to capture crowd energy and channel it in the right direction.  He seems extremely comfortable weaving through genres yet keeping the performance appear seamless.  Next time he comes to town, I will be there.  It wouldn’t surprise me if next time he is in a larger room – Fonda, Echoplex, El Rey or Avalon.  I had heard his music before, but not live and not like this.  His stuff is not just good, its great.  He sounds distinctive.  He is taking ownership of the mixes and making them his own.  Now, I’m following TF on twitter.  Friend him, link thru to his website and download some of his awesome free mixes.