TONIGHT: Get Cuddly at Echoplex with Teddybears

If you’re questioning what to do tonight, you should head over to the Echoplex because the Swedish electro/hip-hop group Teddybears will be there. With tracks like Cobrastyle, Get Mama A House, and Cardiac Arrest you won’t be let down. Their mix of rock, punk, and hip-hop have gotten them a solid fan base and welcoming audiences worldwide.

The release of their sixth studio album in early 2010, Devil’s Music, was re-released in June of this year. The album now features artists like Robyn, Cee Lo, Eve, and B.o.B. Songs like Chrystal Meth Christian and Rocket Scientist are the result of the Teddybears combining multiple types of genres in order to birth music you have to move to.

The show tonight is the monthly Check Yo Ponytail 2 event held at the Echoplex. Supporting acts for tonight at Win Win, Physical Forms, Teams.

by Shannon Moore

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