Tonight @ Dakota Lounge (and a few other notes)

Tonight at Dakota Live Music Lounge, SUPERGOODMUSIC is hosting an eclectic blend of some of LA’s hot young talents.

Kicking off the night, right around 9:30 pm, will be Foster & The People, featuring Cleveland native Mark Foster, the drummer from Malbec and a rising young hip-hop producer from Minnesota, Reazon. Their indie-electro-hip-soul blend is unique, fun and definitely worth seeing. Plus ladies, to top it all off, Foster is a sexy stud.

Then comes Odd Modern, the electro-indie-synth duo whose performance is highlighted by catchy lyrics, stellar drumming and an awesome lights show. If you can’t dance to their music, you probably don’t have feet.

Last but not least will be Magic on Wax by Schpilkas. Commonly known for his versatility and unique taste, he will be spinning styles ranging from Urban Alternative, Electronic all the way to Jazz. You can check out more about Schpilkas here.

Hope to see you there tonight.


Saturday Night at Roxy – Delayed Brief Review of Big Moves and Pollyn.

I forgot to mention I went to see Pollyn and Big Moves at The Roxy late night on Saturday. The show was a lot of fun. Although I came to see Pollyn, cause I’d heard good things, I found Big Moves to be entertaining. What the singer lacked in actual vocal chops, she more than made up for in animated performance and enthusiasm. She bounced all over stage, kicking out lyrics, commiserating with the crowd and dancing.

Pollyn was the real treat though – the 7 piece band, fronted by an attractive female singer and two attractive female back-up vocalists who both play trombone – seamlessly wove through their set that was highlighted by some great vocal melodies and a pretty fly female keyboardist. The vocal trio had pretty good chemistry and their voices complimented each other well. Although the females were the eye candy and ear candy that I remember, with the guys in the band holding down the rhythm section in the background, the whole performance was fun.

Go See Miike Snow and Jack Penate Next Time They Come To Town

I won’t be able to hate on those of you who elect to go see Jack Penate and Miike Snow at Spaceland tonight over coming out to the SUPERGOODMUSIC night at Dakota Lounge. Those two acts have been exceptional the last few nights, and last night in Costa Mesa was even better than Sunday’s performance at Echoplex (thank you for the hook up Brent!). Jack Penate played a cover of the Talking Heads “This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody).” I apologize to anyone standing in the back of the room who was there when I went a bit apeshit over that reality (it just happens to be my favorite song, EVER).

Having to perform after a riveting JP show, Miike Snow again delivered huge. In the packed Detroit Bar, Snow churned out an even better version of “Silvia”, “Plastic Jungle” and “Burial.” The light show was even better in the tiny room and the smoke from the stage helped enhance the illuminating effect. The smaller room just made the whole show feel more intimate – even if the crowd was not filled with as many die-hard Miike Snow fans – so the pauses, and stage antics (removing the mask), were all cause for slightly more excitement.

Thank you JP and Miike Snow for 2 great shows this week – they will not be soon forgotten.