Tongues and Trees in Pomona Tonight!

Two buzz bands storm the far east of Los Angeles when Neon Trees and Paper Tongues stop in Pomona at The Glass House tonight.

Both have been extremely active this summer on the Bang The Gong Tour, but Paper Tongues has been a beast on the road. The 7 piece band makes their stop amidst an 18 month tour as they parade the same talents that got the 7 member group signed by Randy Jackson. With talk show appearances recently on Jimmy Fallon and George Lopez, buzz on MTV, stops at major festivals like Bonnaroo and movement on the billboard charts with the song “Trinity” from their March 30, 2010 self titled release Paper Tongues, eastern Los Angeles is catching this band at the right time.
Paper Tongues
Paper Tongues hail from the other side of the country, but the band and their music still reflect the same American melting pot that LA bands do. The septet from Charlotte’s sound is hard to define as it embraces elements from hip-hop, funk, soul and all the way to rock all at once. This might be expected when you have members of the band from all walks of life and cultures, from vocalist Aswan North to pianist Cody Blackler, but their blend is different than what you might have heard before. Tonight, 2009′s “Ride To California” might be a fan favorite, but the band offers something for everyone, no matter where they are from.
Neon Trees, on the other hand, is a bit more of a niche group. They are part of the new breed of indie-rock and their sound, best exhibited on the charting and catchy “Animal,” reflects their exposure to some of the bands they have opened for, like The Killers. The rest of their 2010 release Habits (which actually came out 2 weeks before Paper Tongues) carves them out as a new talent on the indie scene. Songs with toe tapping rhythm and easily repeatable lyrics, like “Sins of My Youth” and “Calling My Name,” suggest this band is not going anywhere.
Unlike PT, Neon Trees are also close to their roots here in California. Not only are some of the band members originally from California (Temecula), but their name is a homage to the neon glow surrounding Cali’s esteemed In-N-Out.
Check out more from them on their myspace page and do the same for Paper Tongues on theirs.

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