Tokimonsta "Darkest" is a Beautiful Light

L.A. beatstress Tokimonsta, who recently signed a record deal with Payday/Ultra Records, is already making their investment look like a good one with the release of this sexy, soft low end music video for “Darkest.” The song features Gavin Turek and the dreamy video was directed by Doug Chang and crowd funded through Kickstarter!

The music video is a real gem – Tokimonsta is basically Gavin’s dreamweaver – building the architecture of her dream from some alternate world or control room. Quite fitting for a song off an album called “Creature Dreams.” Despite the song’s title – the end of the video is bright, happy and light, with a pucker-lipped, rabbit eared Tokimonsta closing it out.

Make up your own metaphors and judge for yourself – we’ve digested it and think its dope.

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