To Haiti With Love Tonight

Support Haiti by going to the Bootleg Theater tonight to see Vanaprasta, John Carpenter, John Isaac Waters and Mariah McManus. The musicians are donating their services – and you should donate your $$$. On top of the intimate show – you’ll get a complimentary download card of the To Haiti With Love Compilation for your time, money and effort….so it is well worth it.
Sideways Media ladies Nicole and Mary will be in the house, you can expect to see Mr. Kevin Bronson of Buzzbands L.A. and I also believe the lovely ladies of Planetary Group may be there too. It’s going to be one of the better indie hipster hangouts of the night – complete with hipster publicists and bloggers – so if you’re in a local L.A. band you might consider going just to mingle with some of our local music voicesm and support your fellow local talent, Vanaprasta.

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