Time To Get Funky: Alan Evans Trio Tonight/Big Lil Baby Jesus Peasant Party Tomorrow

We’ve got a pair of funky giveaways going on for The Mint going on this week – tonight’s Alan Evans Trio show and tomorrow’s final installment of Erick “Big Lil Baby Jesus” Coomes’ Peasant Party.

Founder, writer and drummer of Soulive, Alan Evans brings his latest outfit - Alan Evans Trio – to the Pico based enclave tonight for a organ-ic night of music.  With Danny Mayer (guitar) and Beau Sasser rounding out the band – they are embracing their first tour in support of Drop Hop – their debut album which was released in April 2012.   Catch them tonight – and maybe even get in free via SUPERGOODMUSIC by hollering at contest@supergoodmusic.com.

Tomorrow – funk captain Erick “Jesus” Coomes breaks down his final Peasant Party for the month of August with help from an A-list of all-stars, including Ryan Crosby (Warren G).  The two, along with Tyler “Tycoon” Coomes – will present a project titled Ray Jermaine – which has the odor of something funky and bad ass already.   Don’t miss the chance to see this premier (and possibly only) performance of Ray Jermaine that is likely to include additional special guests and another dosage of Coomes’ new project Facemelter.  Check out this video from last week’s Peasant Party featuring Coultrain and Kosha Dillz.

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