Tic Tic Boom! Release Before The Sun Rises

Tic Tic Boom! released a brand new EP today – Before The Sun Rises - and its admittedly pretty damn good.  The release comes amidst a hectic three months that already included multiple Official SXSW performances, 5 sets at Coachella and a handful of other shows and also brings a residency all the month of May at Lot 1 Cafe.

Starting on Wednesday May 2nd you can expect to hear a handful of Tic Tic BooM! originals each week of May at Lot 1 Cafe.  I strongly encourage you not to miss the opportunity because Boom’s latest record shows a lot of growth.  Not only have they begun incorporating more electronics and self-made vocal samples,  but the hooks are pretty catchy (“Constellation Boy” is a rocker).  Before The Sun Rises is a welcome departure from lots of the melancholy LA indie rock I’m used to these days and also a fresh take on synth pop.   Judging by their recent climb up Hype Machine’s popular charts with “For Feeling” (reached #9 on the popular twitter chart) – it seems the blogosphere agrees.  

You can sample the new sounds on their website and you can watch them jam some of their latest tunes live in Jam In The Van below.

For a taste of their older material – check out this relatively new video for “The Open” which was on their 2011 release Reasons and Rhymes.

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