Theophilus Keeps Culture Collide Cool

Filter Magazine’s Culture Collide Festival kicked off cooler than the middle of a freshly opened ice cream sandwich with a good-looking crowd, tasty (and free) hors douvres (sp?) and overpriced Standard drinks. You might never guess it from the beads of sweat dripping off Theophilus London in the above picture, but he was performing.
Mingling with the international crowd from about 10 pm – 2 am, I met some cool visitors from Australia, Caroline and Ben, who knew all about the Australian electro scene and were surprised at my knowledge of Miami Horrors, Cut Copy, Empire of the Sun and others. (I reminded them that they shouldn’t be too impressed because they were visiting LA, where the music loving hipsters live).
I ran into Cedar and Mario from A Big City Died, who also marveled at the choice crowd and well executed commencement event, and I even saw a few artists, including Josh from Risers, who open at Spaceland at 9 pm tonight.
The real treat was Theophilus, whose electro hipster-hop music is easy to dance to, pleasing to the ear and honestly, fun to watch. On stage alone, Theophilus played percussion, triggered beats and all the while maintained his cues for singing and/or rapping. He received the largest crowd response and feedback from “Hum Drum Town,” the FutureCop produced track that Theophilus is most well known for. The crowd erupted with a few people who knew the lyrics and anyone in close proximity getting their boogie on. The rest of the set was enjoyable but not as recognizable, although some die hards, myself included, were familiar with “Sorry to Interrupt” and a few other cuts.

Its a shame Theophilus isn’t performing for more of the crowd at the event because he brought a welcomed change to the mostly indie rock line-up. BUT, he is off to Stockholm to work on some more recording. We wish him well and can only hope that the rest of Culture Collide Festival is as good as opening night :D

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