The Greatest Under Announced Show of 2017?

The self proclaimed ‘Glorified Road Trip Tour’ was undoubtedly the greatest under announced LA show of 2017.  Announced last minute, it was thrown together by resident Texans Matthew Logan Vasquez (Delta Spirit), Cameron Neal (Horse Thief) and Kelsey Wilson (Wild Child). With no shortage of entertainment in Los Angeles, if you weren’t paying attention, you might have missed it.

In hootenanny fashion, a host of their talented friends joined them on the Bootleg stage. Special guests included Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats), Johnny Fritz and several others. There was a noted absence of Taylor Goldsmith, who Vasquez mentioned already had plans with his mother.  It speaks volumes about the character of a person on the community of talented friends they’re able to attract last minute — this evening certainly did not disappoint. Check out the the obligatory iPhone highlight below.

Lastly, fear not, there are still more dates on this tour run, including stops in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Colorado and a closer in Texas.

Remaining Matthew Logan Vasquez tour dates:
Dec 3rd – Sam Bond’s Garage
Eugene, OR

Dec 4th – Mississippi Studios
Portland, OR

Dec 5th – Fremont Abbey Arts Center
Seattle, WA

Dec 8th – Brickroom
Ashland, OR

Dec 10th – RYE (next To Urban Lounge)
Salt Lake City, UT

Dec 11th – Globe Hall
Denver, CO

Dec 22th – House of Blues Houston
Houston, TX

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