The French Semester – A & R Event

The Knitting Factory hosted the audibly pleasing The French Semester last night as part of an A & R Showcase. The quartet played a pretty good show from 8:15-9 pm to a decent size crowd of 40 to 50 people. They opened with “Backwards Rolling” and did another tune before hitting a crowd-pleaser with “Remembering Right Now.”

Next was “Fourteen” where Riaz, the lead vocalist and guitarist, hit some brief smooth, throwback guitar solos over the subdued, loungy, indie-rock-doo-wopish song. That was probably my favorite song of the night. After one or two more songs, the band announced they would play two new and unrecorded songs to close out their set, and the crowd seemed generally content. Hopefully some A & Rs were in the crowd and took note of the talented and unique sound of TFS. I know I did….