The Fever Heats Up Los Angeles


Germany based The Fever return to Los Angeles this month as former Santa Monica native (and SaMo high and UCLA graduate), Coco Tigler Deese, and her mate, Teut Deese, bring their alternative indie punk duo to Santa Monica’s TRiP and Downtown’s Five Star Bar. With a flair for extremes – including both wearing nipple tape on stage (see photo) and music videos with references to DV (domestic violence) – its safe to expect things to get a little hot when you’re exposed to The Fever.

You can catch the husband/wife duo at TRiP on Tuesday September 17th (11 PM – 45 minute set) and at Five Star Bar on Thursday September 26th (7:30 pm). Both shows are FREE! ¬†Enjoy their new lo-fi electro-punk single “No Wow Now.”

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