Thank you Cashflow!!!/Brief on Last Night

Just got to post – cause the DJ behind Kid Cudi, the Man on the Moon himself, just hooked it up with some tix for the show at Club Nokia tonight.

I am so excited, it warrants a posting. Kid Cudi is fucking great. Sure, maybe I am biased in my opinion. I took an interest in him early and had hometown respect and appreciation for him because him and I both went to Shaker Heights High School. But, he certainly is creative and willing to push the envelope aggressively in ways other artists just
Beyond his last album being a noteworthy debut, eccentric and unique and not relying very heavily on his mixtapes at all. In addition to that – he is hitting with my current driving round LA favorite “Memories” with David Guetta. Cudi just has vision in his choice of lyrics and a chemistry with the words he chooses such that even if they are simple, they sound better. They sound like he owns them.
Can’t wait to see him tonight. Thank you Kaslow – you are the man!
Also – future post coming about last night’s amazing MUSTACHE & SWEATER PARTY. The musical chairs was hilariously competitive…and the prizes were incredible (holiday themed ashtrays, tickets to concerts, chocolate roses, cars). That post will include pics and more later. Yet, I can’t go without mentioning how incredible ODD MODERN was. So. Much. Fun. They brought it early, they kept bringing it, and the crowd asked for the multiple encore. Simply magic. Speaking of magic…
Magic on Wax by Schpilkas dropped the funky rhythms, even on a borrowed turntable (thanks Reazon!) after an equipment malfunction. Not to be left out – Dan Stessen warmed up the crowd and kept it funny with his MC-ing, and Paz kept that crowd warm in anticipation of Odd Modern.
Like I said, a more complete rundown of exactly what happened at the soon to be notorious Mustache & Sweater Party will come later. Thanks to everyone who came, tried to come or thought about coming. Extra special thanks to those who donated to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!