Team Supreme Takeover



Beat sceners, Low End Theory frequenters, hip-hop heads, aspiring MCs/producers and anyone else with a penchant for rhythms and filthy drum progressions ought to take notice of Team Supreme and their steady growth.   Stepping the game up for 2014 – the Team has moved from Tuesdays at Echo/Echoplex to a Friday night take0ver the start of your weekend slot, beginning this week on January 10th at Echoplex.

For those unfamiliar with the Team – each week a different producer picks two samples and a BPM and passes around the source files to the collective.  The team then gets to work, with each producer using the guideline(s) to construct a beat or beats that push the boundaries of music as we know it.  As the collective’s evolved and the founding members added legitimate production chops to their respective resumes, this squadron of producers have churned out butter tracks that make the #beatches go cray.   Djemba Djemba is on fire, LION KNGS just landed possibly the hottest track (“White Lillies“) on Angel Haze‘s record and Kendo continues to expand on his Two Fresh brand with some solo production.

Whether you want to learn new tricks for your MPC or Native Instruments devices or you just want to experience the audible pleasures of young producers exploring the boundaries of beats and sound – we strongly recommend you pay a visit to Team Supreme.  Entry is only $5 when you bring a clothing item for donation.  Get tickets here!



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