Taz Arnold AKA Hip-Hop’s Renaissance Man

Taz Arnold aka Ti$A is hip-hop’s under-celebrated renaissance man.  From his staple clothing line Ti$A to the creative production/group Sa-Ra, Taz Arnold’s fingerprints have been all over hip-hop culture for over a decade.  And, a new tidal wave of Taz is imminently upon us. Following up his three production and four vocal credits on Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly,” including vocal contributions to the Grammy Award winning “i” and production on “Momma”, “U” and “For Sale (Interlude)” – Taz has begun leaking snippets of new material on his Soundcloud that are vibey on a whole different frequency.  Check out “20 Million Bitches” and his cover of Kraftwerk‘s “The Telephone Call,” which had its radio premier on KCRW last night.

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