SXSW = fun.

Been down in Austin for the past few days and the streets are filled with people of all shapes, colors, creeds and occupations. Music and technology is the thread that ties us all together – and musicians come here to weave themselves into that fabric.

One band having a recent catastrophic shake up to their impact on the culture-sphere is fun. Their track “We Are Young” has catapulted up Billboard charts and quickly become a cult favorite….so much so that everyone from Bing to Stubbs wants them to play their events in Austin. They were the subject of New York Times cover Arts section cover article, the topic of much discussion at SXSW and quickly everyone’s favorite new band.
Apparently the act played Bing last night. If you missed the opportunity to feel young again, they play the Warehouse at 1100 5th Street on Wednesday, Friday at Stubbs and probably a few other places. Check out their video for “We Are Young” feat. Janelle Monae below and also “Some Nights.”

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