SURPRISE! Death Grips Release 14 Track Instrumental Album & Hint At New LP

The mystery surrounding Death Grips continues to grow as their latest stunt, a surprise 14 track instrumental free album titled Fashion Week, took the industry by storm.  Their surprise drop in the first week of 2015 comes roughly six months after their unanticipated (and now seemingly fake) break up in July 2014. The 2014 decoupling came just one month after the release of their LP Niggas on the Moon, an experimental hip-hop record that twisted and contorted sampled Bjork vocals and was supposed to be the first of a two disc series with the latter half, Jenny Death, holding a TBD release date.

Upon the announcement of their disbanding, Jenny Death seemed potentially dead in the water. With a new year, comes a rebirth — and the 14 track instrumental Fashion Week conveniently bears titles to songs “Runway” followed by one letter, first a J, then an E, then an N, ultimately spelling out “Jenny Death When.”

As with most things Death Grips, there is no reliable answer…but be on the look out. For now, get a download of Fashion Week here while you can.

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