Kosha Dillz is back at it again.  As his infamous slogan suggests – he is everywhere.   I just watched him above on youtube in Boston, I’m pretty sure I heard him on my television during the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight and I saw him earlier today – where he told me he’d probably be showing up somewhere at Bonnaroo and then heading to Israel.  I’m convinced he has a clone that just hustles for him.

Currently Kosha is out in Los Angeles working on a follow up record with Belief and gearing up for a few festival plays, but the “hardest working rapper in hip-hop” just posted a video for “SUPERJEW” – so we’re sharing it.  Its a tribal anthem he created for the homie, Sly Young, who makes a cameo in the video – as do bagels, lox, JDate, a star of david, a yarmulke and a deli.  Its totally brand jewbian. 

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