SUPERGOOD Holiday Sweater & Mustache Jam

Your holiday party calendars might already be half full, half over or just getting started – regardless, their getting a dosage of cool on Wednesday night when The Viper Room hosts our annual Mustache & Ugly Sweater Party, now going into its 3rd year.

With awards going to ugliest sweaters and most creative mustache – its a night of unique looks (I for one will have on a heinous sweater and will be sporting a real mustache for the first time in almost two years). It is also a night of unique (and supergood) music from the likes of Tic Tic Boom!, Standing Shadows, Hyena, Odd Modern and Das Tapes!
Each act is talented in their own right – with all of them emerging from the greater L.A. region other than Hyena (Arizona). They’ll be packing the Sunset Strip with synthy indie rock – peppered with undertones of electronic or punk rock depending on whom you’re referring to. For many of the artists it is their last show of 2011 (Tic Tic Boom!, Odd Modern, Standing Shadows) and for one, Odd Modern, it is their EP release show as well. Its also their drummer Gerardo’s birthday.
If the holidays weren’t enough reason to celebrate – we’re certainly giving you a few more. Join Odd Modern as they celebrate a whole host of events (EP release, birthday, holidays) and join us as we rejoice in an excellent 2011. Find Boom D during Tic Tic Boom!’s set early on and rejoice in a complimentary drink courtesy of the SUPERGOOD founder himself. Once he spends a few $100s on you fans though, he’s done being your secret santa of alcohol – so get there early to take advantage!
RSVP via facebook here and get your tickets here via Ticketweb. If you’re not yet convinced that The Viper Room is where you need to be come Wednesday, than check out some videos from the performers below:

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