Sunset Janktion

The Janks, an LA indie band in existence in some way, shape or form since 2007 are playing Sunset Junction at The Fold Stage on Sunday at 1 pm. The band has recently been stepping up their LA presence with a handful of performances, including an amazing free concert where they played with Fishbone at Pershing Square to an audience of 2000+ on August 7th.

The band as seen this coming weekend at Sunset Junction have been together for just over a year. Sunday’s show will be the bands second performance to a crowd of thousands in the last few weeks as part of their hype building campaign for their January 2011 release on Sprouted Records. The boys are certainly excited about what remains in the rest of 2010 and I had a chance to chat with them about it. Read our interview and check out a video of theirs below:

What does The Janks stand for? Who came up with the name? Was their a back up name?

Janks is a slang term, a noun and an adjective that can be used when you are at a loss of words. It’s an ambiguous word that can be used in both a good and bad sense.

Have the Janks embraced Twitter? Facebook? Can you get free downloads of your music anywhere?

Yes, we have a very strong presence on the net, Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation, MySpace in several countries, and much more. You can download some music from the 2009 EP at

What can we expect from The Janks for the rest of 2010 and beyond?

The debut full length album will be out on October 4th and will be added to college radio in the U.S., Canada, The UK, Ireland and Europe. We have a North American tour kicking off on October 8th at a three day festival in Boise, ID. We are also doing a tour of Ireland in March 2011 with the Young Dubliners, followed by a tour of the UK and Europe on our own.

Sounds like an exciting calendar – what, other than last weeks Pershing Square performance – have been some of your favorite performances to date?

Probably when we performed in Chicago at the Double Door or at the University in Unity Maine.

Love the Double Door. Intimate Midwest venues like that are a lot of fun. Alright, a few more zingers than we’ll watch your video…

When you’re out on the road what do you listen to for pleasure?

Arcade Fire, Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, Beach House, The Whitest Boy Alive, Dead Weather, The Shivers, Pink Floyd, The Kinks to name a few, and of course, Air Supply.

And are their The Janks groupies? Perhaps known as Janksys? Average age of a Janksy?

Yes. 68, we’re your grandmothers favorite band.

Why is bacon good on everything?

Don’t know, ask a vegetarian.

Any special announcements or things you want to say to your fans?

The new album will be the Janks best work to date and we are very excited for everyone to hear what we have been working on for the last several months.

Check out the new website, and look us up on itunes to purchase the new album in October.

Clearly these guys have a sense of humor. You can see what other skills they have that make them stage worthy this Sunday at Sunset Junction on The Fold Stage from 1 – 1:35 p.m. and in this music video of their performance of “Rat Races” from the The Hotel Café.

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