Sunday Funday: The Do Over, Dub Frequency’s Guess Event at Drai’s and Miami Horror at Dim Mak Cannonball Sundays

Each year – I get uber excited to attend The Do Over – because it is hands down, the best music event in Los Angeles on most Sunday afternoons.   The tunes are always impressive – even though its often a mystery who will be performing – and the crowd ‘s always eclectic.

Today will be the first time I attend this season – because sadly, the SUPERGOODMUSIC train has not been able to make it yet in 2012.    BUT its a great day for boogying down in Hollyhood because on top of The Do Over, Treasure Fingers performs at Dub Frequency’s Guess event at Drai’s Hollywood from 12-6 too and then Miami Horror takes over for Dim Mak’s Cannonball Sundays later that night.

You can RSVP for all the events – but arriving early is advised….which means, I got to stop typing and get in my ride.  DO OVER – here I come.

The Do Over happens every Sunday in Los Angeles in the summer from 2-10 PM at LURE (formerly Cabana Club) at 1439 Ivar Avenue.  RSVP at

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