Style Wars: Mansions on The Moon vs. Criminal Hygiene

In the never-ending struggle to survive and be visible, business men and women are constantly seeking good ideas and how to improve upon them.  Filmmakers do sequels, producers do remixes, singers do covers, and artists do look alike prints.   When you spend your time concentrating on producing, writing and performing music like most musicians, sometimes your artistic design skills are sacrificed and/or your time to dedicate to designing merchandise gets squeezed.   For a few Los Angeles based artists, Mansions on the Moon and Criminal Hygiene, time must have been at a premium in designing their merchandise when it came to t-shirts — and apparently they both turned to the same trucking company, WESTERN TRUCK EXCHANGE for inspiration.

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If this were a duel over who used the least effort, Criminal Hygiene takes the crown.  Sometime in 2012, Criminal Hygiene simply erased the van and changed the names.  The faces are identical.  Does Criminal Hygiene even have three guys?  Do they even look like that?  The image is, to the naked eye, virtually identical.  But, Hygiene embraced Western Truck Exchange first.  Mansions on the Moon opted to leave the van and drew in their own faces.  If this were a battle for creativity, I think it’s clear that Mansions on the Moon is the winner.  Their bassist, Jeff Maccora, did an original illustration of the band members!

Really where the battle is at is whose t-shirt is cooler?   You can vote with your wallet.   Buy Mansions on the Moon‘s t-shirts pre-order in two colors via this link for the low price of $15 or snag Criminal Hygiene’s modified Western Truck Exchange tee here for only $10.


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