Still Reeling Over Kid Cudi

Can his album come out already please?  That Kid Cudi show was the best hip-hop show I’ve seen since Atmosphere at The Wiltern in late September – and it is hard to compare an artist to Atmosphere.  Everyone in Atmosphere’s crowds know his lyrics.  

But, Cudi was better than Kanye at Staples or Kanye at Nokia Theatre.  Cudi was better than Jay-Z at The Palladium.  Cudi was better than Snoop Dogg at Bonnaroo.   Cudi was better than the headliner, Asher R
oth.  Cudi was cool Cooder and the crowd loved him.  
I had the mixtape through downloads – but now that I have the CD rocking in my car – I just can’t get him out of my head.  I really love that he sampled from Outkast’s Aquemini – beat and lyrics “this is my story, this my song…” on Track 2.  
But, “Man On The Moon,” “Embrace The Martian”, “50 Ways To Make A Record”, “The Funeral” …                                           

 they are all spectacular and different than anything else I’m hearing these days.  Can you imagine w
hat is going to be on this album?  I’m just salivating at the possibilities.  
I felt so good leaving his show – not only did I buy his mixtape that I already o
wner.  I bought B.O.B.’s disc and the hype-mans disc!  I am a grizzled concert veteran and I bought the hype mans CD.  THE HYPE MANS CD.  It sounds stupid when I say it out loud….but, that is how freaking good this concert was.  You just wanted to support everyone who did the damn thing – including the hype man….