Spaceland Goes Bananas

I can’t say that I’ve been to a performance at Spaceland like Saint Motel‘s house shaking get-down on Monday night. The band pulled out all the stops to create a truly memorable event.

There were scantily clad women on stage, there was live video feed, there was sequenced footage, there were props, there were free condoms, there was character, there was charisma, there was a frontman without pants!
It was the first time I’ve been at Spaceland and witnessed not just one crowd surfer, but multiple crowd surfers. And not only were there multiple crowd surfers, but one of them happened to be A/J Jackson, the birthday boy and vocalist/guitarist of Saint Motel – who was celebrating his birthday. His buddies hoisted him up during the encore as he continued to rip smooth licks on his guitar.
A Sharp, the lead guitarist, did some creative guitar play of his own, a fedora rocking Dak was thumping on his bass as scantily clad women with boas hung all over him, and Greg Erwin kept the party moving with his infectious drumming.
All in all it was a night not to be missed and surely to be remembered. Don’t miss next week when they bring it with the EXPERIMENTAL theme….I’m already excited.