So So Sunset Junctified

Sunset Junction Day One – RCA

I had my way over to the Sunset Junction Street Fair on Saturday, and I must say that Los Angeles has a great thing going with this festival in its 29th year. I did show up to the festival around 4:30 p.m. (missing 3 and a half hours of music), but from what I did see it was a well-run mini festival that offered up eleven hours of solid music. Since I did get to the festival later, the only full sets that I caught were Islands and Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band. Both were fantastic, but Conor really delivered a great set. Being a huge Bright Eyes fan, I was eagerly anticipating Mr. Obersts set and he did not disappoint.

The thing that is so great about Conor is that he gives us some of the best lyrics of the youth generation; his set was filled with fully inspirational tracks. His performance included some of the best musical transitions that I have ever seen live. A major highlight was when Silverlake native Jenny Lewis came onstage to perform “Portions for Foxes” a song from her band Rilo Kiley.

Sunset Junction Day Two – Boom D

The sun poured down to bake the topless or tankless hipster crowd on Los Angeles’ east side on Sunday. Arriving shortly after Love Grenades performance (unfortunately), I strolled in by the Bates entrance to find Fool’s Gold performing.

As I entered, I was not sure who was on stage, but I thought it might be the funky soul of Orgone. When I was finally able to see the band, I knew it was not. Fool’s Gold, whom I’d never seen, had a very worldly sound highlighted by an attractive and animated female bongo player (see above) who was decked out in zebra-esque attire. The groove and stage appeal was only enhanced by the young teenager on stage playing sea shell percussion.

Fool’s Gold I trekked over to the Sanborn Stage to see Orgone bring their Ubiquity label funk to the party. On the way I saw a grip of hipseters wearing American Apparel’s fresh pressed “Legalize Gay – Repeal Prop 8″ $3 tank tops. What a great way to sell some cheap threads as well as promote awareness of a good cause.

Once at Orgone, running the show was their beautiful strong voiced singer - Fanny Franklin - and backing her up was the rhythm section, which featured some great solos by their percussionist Stewart Killen. Their cover of “I Get Lifted” was certainly a crowd pleaser.

After the worldly soulful funk styling of Fool’s Gold and Orgone, I stumbled to Iliana Rose doing a cover of Santana’s “Oye Como Va,” which the older crowd certainly dug. I was with my pops – and he was definitely feeling it.

After Iliana, I took the pops to see his favorites – Tower of Power at The Hollywood Bowl. Unfortunately that meant I was skipping out on headliners Arrested Development and Morris Day & The Time- both acts whom I’ve seen in the past and enjoyed.

Overall, Supergoodmusic highly recommends that anyone who has never been to the Sunset Junction festival to attend the street fair next year. To pay $20 and see so much live music by just walking up and down Sunset Boulevard is a great deal and we look forward to attending next year’s junction.