SIlverlake Lounge is Heating Up

So, I’ve got to give my props to The Fold for amping up Silverlake Lounge’s concert schedule.   I am really starting to like their line-up on a consistent basis.

Tonight, I am heading out to see the spectacular slate of Marvelous Toy, headed by Cody Hudock, Go West Young Man and The French Semester (my local faves).  Also, I hear Jared Mees & The Grown Children are playing there.  It should be a good night of low-key indie-rock.  While some might brand these bands shoegazers – I’d resist describing them that way….FYI – The French Semester’s concerts are anything but shoegazing these days.  I don’t expect the other bands to be shoegaze either – I think their intent is to rock….Marvelous goes on at 9 – and bands play on the hour every hour thereafter.   
Last night I had the privilege of seeing Links.  They were the 2nd to last band to play, but in my opinion the best act of the night.  With hints of Kings of Leon and obvious classic rock influences – the four piece group tore up the stage.  The lead singer’s vocals are totally righteous and he has a decent range.  The fact that he is young, handsome and has some swagger also helps propel the show into full blown entertainment.  The drummer was animated, the bassist was grooving and the crowd really seemed to enjoy themselves.  I noticed some people even knew the lyrics.  All of that seems like a good sign to me and a strong endorsement for you to go check them out next time.  I believe they are playing Spaceland sometime in July.  
If that is not enough of a kicker for you – the girl who was working their merch, Allison, was stunningly gorgeous.  Even if the music was not as good as it was, I’d go to their next show just to talk to her.