Show Review: METZ and more at The Echo (by Jake Cotler)


DAYUM.  That is how I will start this recant of the Metz show that I caught at The Echo in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.  

I wanted to see if the post-CMJ-hype was legit.  Since Echo Park is kind of a hike for me I brought my geologist friend as a failsafe plan...because having a geologist around will always lighten the mood.  As it turned out, I did not need him. 

We arrived in the middle of the Batwings Catwings set.  The room was semi-full, semi-enthused.  The lead singer reminded me of Tia Carrere in Wayne’s World.  Wayne’s chick who sings in the band…if you don’t know, you are probably way young, so stream that on a I-Pad and learn something.  

They were pretty tight.  Home-girl had edge.  She screamed hard, and bounced around with affect.  I give it a punk-rock salute.  The geologist dug it too, and he’s an OG punker.  He said “she’s hot,” which meant he dug it.

            So then Metz came on, and the music-blog reading-crowd came out of the woodwork, or rather, in from the smoking porch where they just butted their American Spirits.  Anyways, holy-yell-a-lot, Metz was legit.  

We had speculated earlier in the night on whether or not there would be a mosh-pit.  I assumed given the geographical location that there might be a rocking back and forth from one leg to another-pit, but I was wrong.  Metz handles biznass.   

            The drummer was ridiculously good.  I mean, dude was loud, dude was, BANG BANG BANG, and dude was sick.  It was a strong musical backbone, made your head shake.  Then on top of that you’ve got quick-ass guitar blended with quick-ass bass, and a lead singer who is sweating buckets and screaming his face off, jumping on the drums and like I said, dayum! 

It was a twenty-five, thirty minute set, quick and raging, like the tunes.  I figured if they played any longer the singer might have passed out.  Which is to say, I dug every minute of it.    

Show review by Jake Cotler via @jaminthevan

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