Shaker Heights MC and The New White Rapper Represent!!!

I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a hip-hop bill in a while…

KID CUDI and ASHER ROTH on July 26th at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip.  That’s right.  Two of the hottest acts in hip-hop right now are coming on The Great Hangover Tour.  
I can’t believe the show is not already sold out – but my guess is that it will be, so my recommendation is to buy tickets as soon as possible.  
I’m already planning.  I will be rocking my Shaker Heights Dorsky Tennis Hoodie to show my love for the Cuder (I went to high school with Scott Mescudi AKA Kid Cudi) – but more so in an attempt to get him to notice and give a Shaker Height shout out ;)
Seriously though.  People.  Get tickets.  Don’t sleep on it.