September at The Satellite: Zak Waters


Local neo-pop soul artist Zak Waters is riding a tidal wave into September with the release of his new single “Penelope,” a month-long residency at The Satellite and rumors of writing with some heavy hitters (FloRida, David Guetta, Benny Benassi).   Having made the rounds playing for intimate crowds at virtually every small venue in L.A., appearing on Carson Daly, and now releasing his first full length album, “Lip Service”, later this month – Zak Waters is closing out 2013 strong.


As exhibited by the single, and previous fan favorites like “Flirt”, Waters’ music is saturated with themes of women and engaging with them.   His music is like a soundtrack for describing your feelings about your latest crush.  In addition to “Penelope” (which is free via Soundcloud until the album drops), there  are a handful of new tracks on Lip Service (“Sleeping in my T-Shirt”) and the revival of two previously released cuts “Runnin Around” and “Skinny Dipping in the Deep End.”    The latter invites listeners to “come on take your clothes off, can you feel it….”  more or less instructions for getting naked and into the pool.   There are no bodies of water at The Satellite, but given how hot September looks to be – take a cue from Mr. Waters and shed some clothes as you indulge in his music every Monday this month.

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