‘Roo Preview: Best Coast Brings Their Left Coast Sounds to Bonnaroo

The minimal, deliberately lo-fi jangly surf pop sound of Best Coast is good for nostalgia and backdrop music – and perfect for a beachtime chill session. That latter thought may be a result of having watched the “When I’m With You” video one to many times…depends who you ask.

What is certain is that their sound has caught hold nationwide. With some Beach Boys influences and a sound that can be compared to other newcomers like Tennis – their deliberately indie surf sound is a fun summer soundscape. You can catch a good handful of their worthy compositions at Bonnaroo 2011 as well as several other festivals, including Sasquatch and Outside Lands stateside and End of The Road Festival and Electric Picnic Festival across the pond. They are also playing in Los Angeles this weekend at Largo on Sunday May 15th as part of a benefit for the Littlest Humor Foundation.

Best Coast has a storied history despite not being that old of a band. The brainchild behind Best Coast, Bethany Cosentino, found her chemistry counterpart in Bobb Bruno, an L.A. musician who’d assisted the great Jon Brion, amongst others. After hearing Bethany’s “Sun Was High” demo – Bruno was sold and Best Coast as we know it was born.

Their first recordings were generated out of Bruno’s bedroom and released on a series of 7 inches on several indie labels. With the previously mentioned “When I’m WIth You,” as well as “Sun Was High” and “This Is Real” grabbing the attention of the Pitchfork’s of the world – their rise to fame was indie fame was secured. Their full length, Crazy For You, was recorded in Echo Park at Black Iris.

Catch them at ‘Roo X, or somewhere else this summer while their catalogue isn’t yet really huge, as they’ll probably be adding to it soon and possibly even working on a follow up after their late summer European festival run.

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