Rock The Echo On Us

The awesome people at The Echo just unloaded a couple handfuls of tickets on us to dish out to you SUPERGOOD Los Angelenos.  If you’ve got an itch to see live music, but a budget that doesn’t support that itch, look no further than these awesome opportunities to catch live tune-age for FREE!  You can enter by emailing or hitting your social media and mentioning @supergoodmusic plus all the other @s in parenthesis next to the show of your choice.


5/23     Howlin’ Rain, Buffalo Killers @ The Echo (@theEchoLA; @howlinrain; @buffalo_killers)

5/24    Washing Machines @ The Echo (@theechoLA; #washingmachines)

5/27    Blood Red Shoes, Radkey @ The Echo (@theechola; @radkey; #bloodRED)

5/29    Perfect Pussy, Pottymouth @ The Echo (@theechoLA; #filthy; @perfectpussy; @pottymouthmass)

5/30   Pink Mountain Tops, Giant Drag @ The Echo (@theechoLA; @pinkmtps)

5/31   IHC Presents: LE1F, Liz, Chippy Nonstop, Brenmar, MikeQ, DJ HOODBOI, & BRRRANG-A-DANG @ The Echoplex (@chippynonstop; @le1f; @schoolboyyya; @bbrenmar)

6/5     IHC Presents: BANE, Turnstile, Take Offence, & Soul Search @ The Echo (@iheartcomix; @theEchoLA; @banethebOSS)

6/27    IHC Presents: Bleached, Zig Zags + Guests @ Echoplex (@theECHOLA; @iheartcomix)


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