Ripping Music

I’ve been staying up incredibly late recently ripping music to my hard drives. Most of it is old music from high school and college, some is music I’ve never listened to. In the last few weeks I’ve increased my data collection by 15 GBs. I’m now over 240 GBs and counting.

One of the ways I’ve been expanding my collection is through It is much more affordable then itunes. I am paying about 25 cents a track. Although they lack most mainstream hip-hop and R&B artists, they’ve recently added some T-Pain and T.I. Plus, they always have recent releases from Ubiquity Records and Stones Throw Records. They also have a handful of popular indie artists, a decent jazz catalog, as well as some good blues and jam records.

Of course I am still sticking with CD’s. I just bought two today: the Superbad soundtrack and an enhanced version of Sly and the Family Stone’s “Stand.” I hope my collection keeps expanding, but I wish I had the cases for my older stuff.

Once I’ve got all my owned music on the hard drives, I’ll start worrying about weening down the collection. I often find you may think you don’t like a song, but upon reconsideration you find it enjoyable. That is why I am trying to record it all onto the hard drive first. I realize I’ve lost several discs that need replacement. Ice Cube’s album “The Predator” and The Lost Boyz first album that had “Renee” and “Jeeps, Lex Coupes, Beamers and the Benz.”