Renegades of Rhythm Review

In the vein of the nostalgia inducing shows the Renegades of Rhythm tour produced, SUPERGOODMUSIC had the privilege of attending a release screening of the Renegades of Rhythm Tour film.  DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist were both present, although only spinning on the big screen.  The 250 person capacity Downtown Independent theater was packed and the intimate setting, at times, felt like you were at a concert.

With multiple camera angles recording the journey through Afrika Bambaataa‘s 40K strong record collection before the vinyl was locked away in Cornell’s archives, the film captures two masters of the wheels of steel hard at work translating the essence of one of hip-hop’s godfathers.  Using 6 turntables, Shadow and Chemist weave a sonic tapestry that spans from disco to soul to the roots of all break beats.  To experience it yourself – dust off your VCR and snag one of the limited edition VHS’s direct from the source via Cut Chemist’s web-store.


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