Quick Indie Update: Spaceland Last Night/Tonight on Sons of Anarchy

So, hopefully you caught Saint Motel‘s final Spaceland residency performance last night. It was a treat. They were slashed up and, once again, the crowd surfing was in full effect. I believe they opened with a spicy version of “Do Everything Now” and they totally rocked “Dear Dictator.” Having played those in weeks past, they also treated the audience to some other tunes not available on their EP. I must say that I am sad to see their residency come to an end…but I am expecting big things for this band in the very near future.

I’m gonna have to go out there and reiterate that I just am not feeling Gangi. The duo is no doubt talented as exhibited by the number of instruments they play, but I’d much prefer if they were just really good at one of those instruments as opposed to decent on many. Without any real instrument slayer, I’ve been looking for something animated or unique that would draw me to their performance and I just haven’t found it and didn’t find it last night. I was trying to keep an open mind, but their show again reminded me of MGMT. While some might revel at that comparison – being compared to an MGMT concert is no compliment (I’ve literally fallen asleep standing up at an MGMT show).
I didn’t make it for Links and I left after Saint Motel, so that is all I can say about last night.
Tonight, despite being in the middle of the move, I’m not only going to pop off to some shows (Dimmak Tuesdays!)…but I will be glued to the tv for Sons of Anarchy on F/X. One of SUPERGOODMUSIC’s legal clients, The Stone Foxes, has a song on the show tonight. The song is “Beneath Mt. Sinai”; it was on Supafresh Vol. 3 a few months ago.

You can download the song for free by signing up for the Stone Foxes Foxy Friends mailing – list. Sign up here.