Pinot – The New L.A. Jam Funk Band To Watch

SUPERGOODMUSIC got funked up on some Pinot at the Roxy on Saturday November 5th, and it proved a perfect reminder of what live music can do to an audience. Every person at The Roxy found their groove, and some found moves they had only seen on TV or in The Black Keys video for “Lonely Boy.”

Pinot’s funky foundation peppered with everything from dance music to jazz created the perfect storm on the floor causing every waist to swivel, head to bob, and foot to tap. Delta Nove played a very solid set as usual, but the entire night had the aura of a “passing of the torch” as Pinot posted the set to remember. Pinot’s pocket was tighter, the arrangements more interesting, and the dynamic swells came at just the right moments kicking the party into a new gear every time. Its apparent that Pinot is taking the L.A. funky jam scene to the next level with the help of a remarkable vocalist in G. Curtis.

If you are a fan of Delta Nove and weren’t at the show, you owe it to yourself to check out Pinot. The sheer tightness of the band alone created an instant respect for the players on stage, and once each member had their turn in the spotlight it was clear Pinot found something that works. If you have friends that think they can’t dance, take them to a Pinot show. If you haven’t already opened a new window to check out Pinot’s website you can do so here <>, and check in with SUPERGOODMUSIC for news on when you can get down with a funky glass of Pinot next.

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